Ideas For Installing Travertine Around Your Home

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Ideas For Installing Travertine Around Your Home

28 May 2020
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While there are many manufactured materials that you can use for home renovation, none are as beautiful as natural stone, particularly, travertine. Read on for some ideas on spreading this elegant material around your property.

Living Room Floors

For a unique look in a living area, you could spread travertine tiles — available in hues like peach, pink, walnut, ivory and beige — across the floor. With a matte finish, the tiles will provide a warm ambience in the space, unlike many other kinds of stone. You could cover high traffic walk areas with rugs for an even cosier feel, and to protect the stone from wear and tear. 

Around A Bathroom

Creating a luxurious and indulgent bathroom is high on many people's agendas — not only for the pleasure it will bring but also for the relaxation and subsequent health benefits. Why not cover the walls and floors with beautiful earthy fawn travertine tiles so you can imagine you're in an ancient bath? To enhance a spacious and calm feel in the bathroom, reduce visual clutter as much as possible. One way to do this is to continue the same floor tiles both inside and outside the shower enclosure, which will minimise the transition between the two spaces. That way the room will feel like one big open space — particularly if you install a frameless glass shower.

Across Patio And Pool Areas

For a classic, timeless patio or pool deck, cover the ground with lovely travertine pavers. You can create different patterns such as herringbone, basketweave and diamond-cut. Mixing the designs will give a lively feel to the flooring. For instance, cover a terrace area with a herringbone pattern and border it with a row of basket weave. Alternatively, you could simply stack large-format square pavers in alignment for a palatial effect. Follow recommendations for resealing as this rock is porous and thus needs protection.

Along Garden Edging, Covering Paths And Retaining Walls

Travertine stone pavers can also edge your garden beds, providing a beautiful contrast between dark soil and creamy stone. Rock gives a garden a rustic and timeless appearance and prevents it from looking ordinary. Another excellent place for travertine is pathways that cut across a green lawn or wander through a garden. You could further enhance your yard with a low retaining wall — made from travertine blocks — that doubles as seating. Bordering a patio with a low sitting wall will create a beautiful enclosed space that is ideal for entertaining.

For more information, contact a travertine stone supplier in your area.