Ways to use Retaining Walls in Landscaping

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Ways to use Retaining Walls in Landscaping

23 March 2020
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When you consider retaining walls as part of your landscaping plan, you likely think of the basic use around the home. The walls are generally used to help prevent washout around the foundation of the home and walkways. What you may not consider are the other ways that retaining walls can be used during landscaping projects.

Here are a few ideas to consider and what you need to know about implementing each one.

Retaining Steps

When you are using bricks to create retaining walls, you can also use them to create steps. These steps can go down to a waterfront area, to a lower level of the property, or to a small sitting area. The key to this type of use for the walls is to create a dual functioning wall. You have the benefit of keeping the soil, roots, and other areas of the property in place during flooding or storms. You also have the benefit of having stairs that allow you to access other parts of the property while still acting as a retainer. 

Flower Beds

When you begin building raised gardens and flower beds, you may think of the traditional lumber options. Though this does work well, using a retaining wall can allow you to use areas you would normally not consider. For example, due to washout, you may not consider using the area around the foundation of your home as a suitable long-standing flower bed or garden bed. With the use of retaining walls, you can have a functional flower bed along with the retaining abilities to maintain the foundation of the home from washout and exposure.

Short Fencing

Many homeowners use short fencing as a decorative property marker. These are usually done with only the decorative aspects in mind. If you use a retaining wall, which is usually placed into the ground and raised to the height the owner wants, then you can benefit from both privacy and decoration. You can also offer a unique short fencing option to mark the property and give an updated landscape.  

When you are ready to move forward with your landscaping ideas, contact your local landscaper or landscape supplies store. They can help you with options, ordering, and with unique design availability such as stamped stone. They can also discuss your options for having both a decorative outdoor landscaping and retaining wall structure as well as a functional one.