How to look after a broadleaf carpet grass lawn

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How to look after a broadleaf carpet grass lawn

28 March 2020
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Broadleaf carpet grass is becoming a popular choice when laying a new lawn, but like all types of grass, it will need a small amount of maintenance. Here are some ways to keep you carpet grass lawn in top condition.


Broadleaf carpet grass is best when mown quite short — one to two inches is the best height. If it gets any taller, it will produce seed heads which detract from its visual attractiveness. It can also become dry and yellowed at the bottom if it is allowed to grow too tall, which will reveal itself next time you cut it. You should therefore mow it regularly to retain a good appearance, although you can allow it to become a little longer in winter.


You will need to use lawn fertilizer when you are first planting your broadleaf carpet grass lawn. Once it is established, however, you should keep fertilizing to a minimum. Carpet grass does not need a lot of fertilizing, and using too much can damage and even kill it.


Carpet grass does best in wet conditions and is not very resistant to drought. You may need to water it in dry periods. A parched lawn may need an inch of water a week to avoid brown patches in the grass that have been caused by drought. However, under normal conditions even this may not be necessary.


Like any other type of grass, carpet grass can be affected by unwanted plants growing between the leaves. You should try to pull these out from the roots to stop them from growing back — breaking them off from higher up will not be effective and will just result in more weeds later on. You can also use a herbicide if things get out of control — look for one specifically designed for broadleaf grasses.

Pest controlling

Broadleaf carpet grass is not particularly susceptible to pests and diseases. You may find your lawn suffers from brown patches, but it should recover without the need for fungicides. You may also find it attacked by white grubs or webworms. In this case, you will need to treat it with a garden insecticide.

Apart from regular mowing, broadleaf carpet grass does not require a lot of maintenance and can grow well in poor conditions. If you think it might be suitable for you, just talk to your garden centre. For more information, contact local broadleaf carpet grass suppliers.