Why Buffalo Turf Is The Best Choice For Family Homes

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Why Buffalo Turf Is The Best Choice For Family Homes

29 March 2021
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Children love to play outside, whether that be with family members, pets or friends that come over, there is always something to do. Australia is also well known for producing many great prodigious sporting talents who all started their journey playing around in the backyard. But how do you manage a garden that is constantly being trampled over by energetic kids? The last thing you want to do is curtail their enthusiasm, as it is great for their health and their imagination, but you also don't want to spend thousands every year on replanting your lawn. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buffalo turf as your main choice for family homes.

Very Good Resistance 

The most obvious reason buffalo turf is fantastic for family homes is that it is well known for having great resistance from people and pets walking over it. Some types of grass, particularly those with thinner leaves or very shallow roots, do not stand up well to even light traffic over the top of them, but buffalo turf is not among that group. It also stands up well in the Australian heat, so that it does not get weaker in the summertime which is the most important months when it comes to outdoor activities for your children.

Regrows Quickly

There are always going to be patches kicked out of the grass during activities. Whether that is a harsh tackle or a big swing of the bat that took out a chunk of turf, your turf will need to repair itself every now and then. Buffalo turf has a system of runners that will always seek out areas that are empty and regrow there without you having to do much of anything. The most you might have to do is tell your kids to avoid that area for a few days so that the grass can take hold again.

Thick Blades

The thicker blades on buffalo turf mean several important things for your garden. Firstly, they are very soft underfoot and provide good cushioning from falls, although they can make balls roll a little unevenly if they grow too high. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, they can suck up a lot of sunlight even in very shady areas so they will not die out where other, more sensitive species would. That means you can cover your whole lawn with this one species of grass and not have to worry about too much special care to see it grow evenly.