Three Issues that You Should Look Out For When Getting a Building Inspection

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Three Issues that You Should Look Out For When Getting a Building Inspection

30 March 2021
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Building inspections are a necessity when buying property as they uncover any problems that could lie within the property. It is essential for every investor or prospective homeowner to carry out an intensive building inspection before buying a property. Once the inspector has done their part and presented the report, you may be faced with a series of issues which can either be mild or severe. While minor problems such as chipping paint or a broken fixture may not affect the sale, other severe issues should cause you to rethink the entire transaction. This article will address three significant issues that you should look out for in your inspector's report.

Foundation problems

The foundation is the support system of the entire building. If it has any issues, it can affect the structural stability of the structure and cause it to cave-in. Check your inspector's report for foundation cracking, poor water drainage, and round movement as these will affect the foundation. Poor construction methods can also impact the quality of the foundation. If you find any of these problems, talk to your inspector about the possibility of engaging an engineer to give an accurate report on the state of the foundation. Foundation underpinning, a technique that's used to restore and strengthen the foundation, can be expensive and time-consuming. You should not invest in a property if these foundation issues have not been resolved.

Caving roof

At first glance, it can be hard to notice roof problems, especially if you are not an expert. However, a building inspection can unearth problems such as old age, leaks, and inferior materials which may cause a portion of the roof to cave in. Caving can also occur if the roof's trusses are damaged or heavy due to moisture exposure. Hold off the purchase until you can verify the state of the roof and what is required to repair it. In extreme cases, a caving roof involves the replacement of the entire structure, and this can be an expensive project.

Mould and moisture issues

A well-maintained structure with adequate ventilation shouldn't have any mould or moisture problems. So if the report indicates the presence of mould in areas such as the attic, bathrooms, and basement, you should be alarmed. Mould is usually an indication that there is a leak, probably in the roof or basement. It could also occur due to inadequate ventilation. A further investigation is necessary to verify the cause and extent of the mould.

Take your time to evaluate the inspector's report before buying the property. If any of these issues are present, hold off the sale until you come to a reasonable agreement with the seller. If you are thinking about buying a property, you might also need land surveying services.