Is Your Property Showing Signs of Erosion?

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Is Your Property Showing Signs of Erosion?

10 September 2021
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You might think that land doesn't require much maintenance. However, If you farm the land, you will know how much work goes into sowing and reaping the crops each year. Even in a domestic garden there is always work to do. This includes keeping the area weed-free and ensuring that the plants receive sufficient nourishment. However, even land that is not planted can be affected by changes in the environment. Water, in particular, can be destructive. Water is essential for life, but water in the wrong place can devastate your property. Uncontrolled runoff after a storm can quickly strip the land bare, thus removing the nutrients and the topsoil and leaving nothing but rock behind. The only way to prevent soil erosion is to have environmental erosion control measures in place.

What causes water runoff?

Storms are one of the most common causes of water runoff. If you live in an area prone to storms, you will be familiar with the streams of water that can rapidly form and run across the land. Rainwater should be absorbed into the ground and nourish the soil, but if it falls faster than it can be absorbed, runoff is formed, and that will cause serious problems. Having appropriate environmental erosion control processes is the only effective way to protect your land.

What environmental erosion control processes are needed?

If you are working with an area that has already been stripped bare by water runoff, you may want to consider hydroseeding the land and revegetating the area. Revegetating is essential for soil stabilisation, and while it can be hard work at the start, it will eventually become self-perpetuating.

If the area you are concerned about still has soil and vegetation, there are several environmental erosion control techniques you could try in order to prevent any further erosion from occurring. The most common approach to environmental erosion control is to install either blankets or meshes that will cover the land. These meshes help the landscape retain the desired shape and prevent the soil from being washed away when an uncontrolled runoff occurs.

However, it's worth remembering that there are some locations where blankets and meshes would not be appropriate. For instance, it might be that the topography or local weather conditions make them impractical. Alternatively, perhaps the unsightly appearance of the meshes would detract too much from the beauty of the local area. In any case, it is always worth contacting a local environmental erosion control expert to see what approach they recommend for your situation. Contact an environmental erosion control service for more information.