4 Useful Extra Corporate Office Cleaning Services

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4 Useful Extra Corporate Office Cleaning Services

13 December 2021
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While corporate cleaning companies primarily focus on regular cleaning, many companies also offer additional useful services. Which services might you find useful?

1. Touchpoint Cleaning

A corporate office cleaning company will keep all your surfaces clean and hygienic; however, you might need a deeper clean in the building now. You have to make your offices as safe as possible, so you need to think about viral contact spread. If someone touches a surface or handle when they are infectious, then someone else could catch COVID-19 when they touch the same area.

You can ask your office cleaning company to run periodic touchpoint cleaning sessions. Here, the company cleans and sanitises areas with possible shared touch problems. So, for example, this could include door handles, lift buttons, phones and equipment controls. You can also incorporate this job into your regular cleaning if you wish.

2. Equipment Cleaning

While your office workers might dust down phones, computers and equipment surfaces during their regular rounds, this might not be enough to keep these items clean and hygienic. Plus, if you don't thoroughly clean technology equipment periodically, then it might develop problems.

For example, if you allow computers to get clogged up with dust and dirt, then they might start to overheat. A computer might fail if it can't stay at the right operating temperature.

If your office cleaning company offers specialist equipment cleaning, then you should book occasional deep cleans. As well as keeping items clean and sanitised, a deeper clean also keeps your equipment in better condition.

3. Window Cleaning

If you don't clean your windows regularly, both inside and out, then you affect environmental light in your building. Dirty windows filter out light. Your employees might need to use artificial light to see to work. Some might find it depressing to work in a dark and gloomy office. Plus, dirty external windows don't do anything for your company's reputation. They reflect badly on you.

Some corporate office cleaning companies also offer external and internal window cleaning. This job is worth doing every few months or so.

4. Grounds Maintenance

You should ensure that outside areas around your building are kept in good shape. Well-landscaped and tidy green areas, paths and car parks emphasise your professionalism. They also help avoid accidents. People can slip or trip on overgrown areas or leaf-strewn wet paths.

Some cleaning companies offer landscaping and grounds maintenance services. For example, some companies help you design your grounds and then keep them in good shape year-round.

For more information, contact corporate office cleaning companies and ask about their services.