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If you want to create a special landscaping project and you need some inspiration, you have come to the right place! On this site, we will guide you through the process of planning an innovative landscaping solution, buying different plants and trees, and installing lighting and water features. By the time you have finished reading this blog, we hope that you will feel confident enough to start work on a truly stunning project. We aren't industry professional but everyone who contribute to this blog has a passion for this subject. We hope that their passion shines through in the words they write. Enjoy


Are You Looking for a New Corporate Office Cleaning Company?

12 November 2020
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When you move to new business premises you probably do all that you to make them as presentable as possible. You want your staff to feel comfortable working there and you want any visitors to the building to appreciate the elegance of both the indoors and any surrounding green spaces, in the minds of well a well-presented company office space indicates a reliable, professionally run company. However, what sometimes happens is that within a few months the wear and tear on the building start to become apparent as the reality of day-to-day business takes hold and no-one has time to clean and tidy the building every day. Read More …

Two Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Landscaping Soil Supplies

27 October 2020
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There are changes that you can make to transform your landscape into an outdoor haven, from installing pavers on your walkways to constructing barrier walls and even purchasing both native and exotic plants from your local wholesale nursery. However, if you have low-quality soil, you cannot do much about your landscape's plant life. The good news is that technological advancements in the landscaping industry have brought about a range of soil supplies that you can invest in, such as engineered soil, compost soil and more. Read More …

3 Considerations to Make When Buying Hedge Trimmers

15 September 2020
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Hedges are one of the most beautiful types of fences you can have around your property. The beauty of hedges is that they give that natural look and feel to your outdoors that you cannot get from other types of fences. Like other plants, hedges create a microclimate of fresh and clean air, making your outdoors heavenly. However, hedges tend to grow out of shape over time, and when they do, your entire yard and the fence may look unkempt. Read More …

Signs You Might Need Commercial Landscaping Services

6 August 2020
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Your outdoor areas are essential because they improve the visual and aesthetic appeal of your business. Investing in commercial landscaping is fundamental because it helps in capturing the attention of your potential customers. Also, it may boost the value of your property. When landscaping your business's outdoors, you might get tempted to try out several DIY options. If you do not have quality tools and adequate knowledge to design your yard in an aesthetically pleasing way, you may end up ruining it and cause costly damages. Read More …

Grass Establishment: Efficient Irrigation Guidelines for Your New Lawn

12 June 2020
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Proper water management is crucial when establishing a new lawn on your residential property. In simple terms, it is important to plan for efficient irrigation of the turf to ensure healthy grass growth and minimise water wastage. Often, homeowners assume that constant watering is essential for a lush lawn. As a result, a lot of water is wasted on the young grass, and the plants become more vulnerable due to waterlogging and erosion. Read More …